Our premier motorcycle ministry excursion is to the most attended Motorcycle Rally in the world, Daytona Bike Week.  FAITH Riders National sets up a huge tent at the Daytona International Speedway with all the vendors, so it feels more like an outdoor trade show verses a biker Main Street. You will stay in lodging and will attempt to get all who want to go, motorcycle, car, or aircraft to attend. 2024 cost for lodging is $350 and National signup fee of $50. 

Kick off your season with a Motorcycle Ministry Trip


The first and last days of travel are the longest, covering 530 miles to/from Savannah, with 100-120 mile stops. We overnight in a Hotel in Savannah, and continue the last 230 miles to St. Augusta and Daytona. Cars can choose to cover the distance in one day, however, motorcycles should break up the distance. 

The Testimonial Tent

The Tent is where we share our three-minute testimony with those willing to stop and take a chance, bikers and others, to learn about Jesus Christ and receive his awesome gift of salvation, and eternal life in Heaven with Him. We work the FAITH Rider Testimony Tent on the morning, afternoon, or evening shifts. The rest of the day is used to explore Daytona Beach, finding those moments to reach out and share our faith beyond the testimony tent.

Preparation & Packing

Our Trip down will cover quite a bit of distance, best to prepare with some extended day trips if you can.  Also, Even though it’s March, the first day of Spring isn’t till March 21st.  Temperature swings from Charlottesville to Savannah can be 40 to 50 degrees.  Packing will include everything from parkas and rainwear to shorts and T-shirts. So, it can be a little cold, wet, or both, temperatures in Florida are a nice respite.  Best be prepared for all conditions. 

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