Disability teaches us we all need the Gospel!

We all need a God who loves us unconditionally.
We all need a savior for our broken lives and broken world.
We all need our eyes open to idols that challenge our loyalty to the One True God.
Pathway Community strives for individuals with disability and their families to be safe, supported, and connected to the Church here at FBC! Background checked and trained church members assist in integrating persons with disability into Sunday School and Worship Services. Alternative Pathway locations, buddies, and resources are available! 

If you have questions, please email us at office@fbcparkstreet.com

Cristi's Story:

Ethan’s Asperger’s made him very anxious, so he would always scream and cry. When we came to FBC, instead of being asked to “make him stop”, Pathway got him his own special buddy that worked with him weekly. His buddy really got to know and love him. Not too long after that first Sunday, Ethan looked forward to seeing his buddy, and, because he trusted her, he could settle in class and focus. Which then meant we could settle in class and focus. Sunday with the Church became a much needed time of calm instead of loud, tear-filled wars.


Every situation has unique needs, please fill out the form below to help us make a path for your family here at First Baptist!

**Volunteers must be church members to serve in Pathway